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Cavity Wall Tie replacement

Cavity Wall Ties are used to tie the two leaves of a cavity wall together. Modern cavity wall ties consist of galvanised butterfly type, which tend to be resistant against rust.

However, older housing stock may have cavity wall ties of un- galvanised, low quality metal. Should this metal become affected by dampness it may corrode. Corrosion of wall ties results in expansion of the metal embedded in the outer leaf, eventually to a size several times its original thickness, sometimes splitting the bed joints and causing either lifting and/or bowing of the walls and damage to internal finishes. Instability of the wall can result if the ties waste away and break completely, resulting in a need to rebuild a wall.

A lack of ties in a cavity wall considerably reduces the strength and stability of the wall, in particular resistance to wind loads is impaired. Failure from this cause is possible.

If symptoms are recognised before damage has progressed too far, the walls may be treated rather than rebuilt. Treatment consists of locating the old wall ties by the use of a metal detector, replacing in a suitable corrosion resistant metal fixing and finally isolation of the original ties to prevent further damage to the outer leaf. Corrosion of the wall tie within the inner leaf is unlikely to become significant.

Should you suspect or have been advised of a problem with cavity wall ties, our qualified surveyors will be happy to carry out an inspection. This involves a visual inspection of the external face of the masonry for evidence of damage, the location of a selected number of ties using a metal detector and viewing ties within the cavity with the use of an endoscope.

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